Highly automated driving

The second phase of the CAV trial program is focussed on more advanced automation.

This initiative showcases the Bosch TAC vehicle driving in a highly automated manner on CityLink.

The Bosch TAC vehicle is the most advanced highly automated driving (HAD) vehicle built in Australia for demonstration around Albert Park Lake at the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress in October 2016.

This recent demonstration on CityLink is the first on an Australian motorway, at higher speed (80km per hour) and in live traffic.

The Bosch TAC vehicle is different to the production vehicles we tested in our partial automation trials in Victoria and NSW. In addition to using cameras and radar, it also deploys LIDAR, high-precision maps and driver monitoring.

Trials of the Bosch TAC vehicle are used to inform the development of regulations and infrastructure to enable similar self-driving cars to operate on Australian road when they become commercially available in the future.

See the vehicle in action.