About the North America CAV trials

Transurban has partnered with the Virginia Department of Transportation and the US Federal Highway Administration to run connected vehicle trials on our 95 and 495 Express Lanes

Express Lanes provide the ideal testing ground for emerging technologies, especially CAVs, as the lanes offer a controlled, high-speed environment with free-flowing traffic. These trials include vehicle-to-vehicle communications, which enables vehicles to safely drive more closely together, a practice called platooning.

Trials were initially conducted during road closures and then in live traffic, enabling refinement of the systems that controlled trial vehicles while they automatically followed each other, merged, and adjust their speed to fit in with the rest of the traffic.


This image shows a fleet of CAVs travelling south down the 95 Express Lanes outside of Washington, DC, testing a bundle of technology applications including speed harmonisation, platooning and coordinated vehicle merging.