Community attitudes towards partially-automated vehicles

This market research was conducted in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Research participants included people with varying levels of CAV knowledge and experience, ranging from those with no awareness or experience through to CAV experts.

This research found 84 per cent of people were very keen to have partial automation features in their next vehicle. At the same time, 9 per cent of people were hesitant to change and 7 per cent were neutral. Across these groups there was no significant difference between gender or age.

Among the group that identified as ‘very hesitant’, five key barriers to adoptions emerged.

  • Fear of new technology - Many do not trust a computer to be better than a human
  • Potential impact on driving skills and behaviours - Fear of irreversible social change, decrease or loss in driving skills
  • Overconfidence in one’s ability - Feel there is no current need to use driver-assistance due to trust in own ability
  • The enjoyment of driving - Driving is more than just getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’
  • Price/value - Want to buy most affordable car available, not interested in frills or special features