Talking to the community about CAVs

Understanding how connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) interact with our roads is an important step for us in preparing our roads for the future. But of course, there’s another factor that’s equally important: the person behind the steering wheel.

While CAV technology is developing quickly, communities need time to adjust to changes – especially when those changes involve relying on technology to make decisions we’re all very used to making for ourselves.

We have five million customers using our roads – and while we’re preparing our roads for CAVs, we also need to prepare our customers for a different driving future. No one enjoys driving while they’re stressed – and it’s important everyone feels safe while they’re adjusting to a new driving environment.

So Transurban decided to check in with the community – via market research – and find out how people are feeling about CAV technology.

Our first round of research focused on people’s attitudes towards partially automated vehicles and we are now progressing to more advanced CAV technology.